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Everyone in this world have their own mother. However, not everyone have the opportunity to grow up with their mother. Mother is the one who had gave birth to us and bring us to the wonderful world. Since I was a baby until now, my mother take a good care of me and my siblings with her whole heart and love. She is the one who change our diaper and giving us a warm bath. Besides, when we cry she is the one who persuade us with their nice words.
My mother’s name is Noresah Binti Zakaria. She is 45 years old this year. My mother likes cooking. She always cook for us and I very love her cook. For me as her daughter I feel very lucky to have her as my mother because her cook is very delicious and marvelous and that’s the reasons why my father had fallen in love with my mother. My mother is a housewife. She always be at home. She is the one who waiting for us from school, cook, clean our clothes and others. She is everything to me.
I still remember when I was 15 years old. I have to take my biggest exam on that stage. Thats was my PMR.I was so worried if I cannot answer the question given. On that night, before the examination had called my mother and tell her about my feelings. I was crying on the phone because I’m so nervous and not confident to take the exam. But my mother had advised me .She give me the strength to answer all the papers. I am so sad. Because I if fail on that exam, I will hurt my mother’s heart.
My mother was growing up in a poor family. She stops studying at year 6 because my grandfather cannot afford her to further her study at the secondary school. This is because she has six siblings and my grandfather cannot afford all of his children. So, my mother have to sacrificed her future for her other siblings. Thats why my mother must work very hard to earn her living since her early ages. So, she wants me and my other siblings study hard because she does not want us to be like her. Gratefully, I got 8A for my PMR. My mother is so proud of me. I am so happy because I can make my mother proud of me with my flying colour result. I very grateful to Allah because had give me a chance to success in my life.
On Mother’s Day on this year, I had given my mother some chocolates called ‘Ferrero Rocher’. It was a very sweet moment to me. My mother was so happy even it just a chocolate. I also had thanked to her because she had gave birth to me and take care of me until now. And now I miss her very much because I stay away from her. If I miss her I will go to the public phone, insert the coin as much as I have and talk with her until the time finish. It is a very difficult time for me because I am staying at the hostel. I had to brave myself from always missing her and my family.
Last but not least, my mother has been in my life since I was born and she will always be in my life no matter what happen. She is my best friend, caregiver and a role model. I can never thank my mother enough for what she had gave me.I love my mother very much. I do not wonder if she leave me alone without a love from a mother.

#haha..nie esei aku masa aku form 4..Aku ingat lagi mase tu teacher aku suh buat esei nie..aku sampai xtido malam nak siapkan nie..xsangka esei ni boleh jumpe balik mase aku ngah mengemas..rasa rindu plak nak sekolah balik..aku akui mmg byak giler kesalahan bahasa..biar la..esei budak form 4 la katekan..aku salin bulat2 sebab aku nak abadi kenangan aku mase wat esei zaman sekolah aku dalam blog nie..k ar..hope korang enjoy..hee…bye.. >.<

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